Staying Organized Around Your Coaching

literacycoachesIt’s been a while since my last post–I’ve been busy closing up the school year as well as planning events and producing online courses for the University of Washington (more on that in a future post). Having just hosted a Summer Coaching Institute in Seattle, my online coaching friends (pictured on the right) have urged me to get back on the blog-wagon (thanks Laura, Amy, and Rachel)!

With that said, last week was a powerful time of learning with and from coaches from across the country. My colleague, Katherine Casey, shared her wisdom and expertise around literacy coaching, including practical advice for day-to-day work. Here’s one of many tidbits she shared on being an effective literacy coach: staying organized!

Expert coaching stems from ongoing evaluation and strategic decision-making centered on teacher and student learning. This work is far more manageable when we know where to find the information we’re looking for. Whether you keep a coaching binder or an electronic folder on your computer, here are some things you can organize your work around:

School/classroom/student data
Teacher Roster “at a glance” sheets
Teacher schedules
Communication (emails, letters)
Observation sheets
Observation notes
Lesson plans
Student work
Photos of classroom environments, charts, work samples
Handouts from professional development sessions

After I demonstrate or side-by-side teach a lesson, I collect and save samples of student writing for the following reasons:

1) To archive, assess, and plan around student learning;

2) To gather student “mentor texts” for future teaching;

3) To collect student data for future planning around teacher professional learning.

In order to stay organized and share best practices with teachers, I keep a digital camera with me at all times so I can capture images of anchor charts and student writing samples in the event that I don’t have time to make copies.

How about you? Any tips for staying organized around your coaching?


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  1. Amy

    Hi, Grace, the coaching seminar was so valuable. Reading the post reminds me I need to email my new friends and check in with them! Seattle was great!

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