Coaching in a Culture of Change

id8126_1_teacher_student_writing041006_croppedDate: February 3-4, 2010

Location: University of Washington, Botanic Gardens, 3501 NE 41st St., Seattle, WA 98105

Learn from nationally-acclaimed author and literacy coach Katherine Casey about the evolving role of coaching in improving classroom practice. This includes how to help teachers make data-driven decisions based on evidence of student learning. This two-day interactive session is designed to deepen educators’ understanding of how the complex challenges around instructional improvement can be addressed through site-embedded professional development.


Participants will:

  • Discuss what research reveals about how people learn
  • Learn about models of coaching practice and deepen coaching conversations
  • Analyze assessment data to inform teaching decisions
  • Describe the role of school and district leaders in supporting the work of coaching
  • Create professional development implications for coaching practice at your site

This session is open to practitioners from all grade levels and content areas. We strongly encourage participants to attend with colleagues who can help them transfer the work to their particular contexts. Many participants value the opportunity to collaborate with a site- or district-based team (e.g. a principal and a coach from the same school, or a group of district literacy coaches and their supervisor). All individuals are welcome, regardless of experience.



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