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The First Week of School

Sharpened pencils, stacks of crisp paper, and eager faces.  Aren’t these the images we have in our minds before the school year begins?  For me, there is something about an unopened box of Crayolas (especially the 64-crayon package with the built-in sharpener) that stirs both nostalgia and excitement. By the first week of school, of course, these images are quickly taken over by the mental to-do lists in our heads as we do our best in wearing the many hats labeled “literacy coach.”  

As you already know, the work of a literacy coach is hugely rewarding, but also rigorous and challenging. Similar to teaching, literacy coaching can feel isolating at times…even amidst a sea of teachers and students. These are some of the reasons behind why I started this blog. Beginning this first week of school, I will document my own lessons and adventures in literacy coaching, and share them with you.

I hope the resources and encouragement from this blog will make you laugh, reflect, and deepen your practice as an educator.  I welcome your thoughts and ideas on future posts!


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